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Current Trials

Our expertise ranges from the care of lower limb wounds to surgical procedures, neurological disorders, pain management treatments and internal medicine indications.

The Center For Clinical Research is currently recruiting for the following indications:

doctor and patient

sm-hexVenous Leg Ulcers

sm-hexDiabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

sm-hexToenail Fungus

sm-hexDiabetic Foot Ulcers

sm-hexDiabetic Foot Ulcers with Peripheral Arterial Disease

Upcoming Indications:


sm-hexDiabetes Type 2

sm-hexMortons Neuroma

sm-hexChronic Low Back Pain

Clinical Trials are free with no cost to qualified participants. They can include:

Medical Evaluation   |   Medication   |   Wound Care and Other Study Supplies

Travel stipend is also available. Health insurance is not required.

I Am Interested In


I give Dr. Reyzelman and staff high praise for all their care and time in taking care of me and my medicals needs. They have totally made me feel welcome and under good care here at Center for Clinical Research, so much so that I travel by public transportation and bicycle from San Jose to receive their weekly privileged care. I highly recommend their medical care to any and all persons whom may need medical attention due to exacerbated foot and ankle issues due to diabetes. I especially love the nurses and how they treat me during my visits.”

~ Leo N.